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Product Specialist Arjan demonstrates the SPIN remote SDC-1

Product Specialist Arjan demonstrates the SPIN remote SDC-1

This is the SPIN remote demo kit, it's basically a living room in a box. It has its own Wi-Fi, we have a Sonos smart speaker, Philips Hue smart lights and a Samsung TV, which has an ordinary Infrared remote control.

Fact: The average household has 4 remote controls laying around in the living room. I'm sure you have one for your TV, another one for your set-top box, a third one for your A/V-receiver and even one for your mediacenter, like your Apple TV. So that's 160 buttons to choose from, when all you want to do is watch TV, or listen to some music.

And with more and more smart devices finding their way into the living room, smart speakers, smart lights, smart thermostats, smart doorlocks, we keep adding to that complexity. With different Apps and different interfaces required to control all of these devices.

Take smart lights for example; We've effectively turned a simple 1-step process of using the wall switch into a 5-click endeavour, having to grab your smartphone, entering an unlock code, finding a certain App, waiting for it to connect and moving a virtual slider. When all you want to do, is turn on the lights.

So why bother with all that complexity, when turning on the lights can again be as simple as this. Just like controlling the volume of your Sonos smart speaker, can be as simple as this.

And with SPIN remote, you can just as easily control your smart devices as you can control your existing, not-so-smart, Infrared devices. Like your TV or set-top box.

We currently support Sonos smart speakers, Philips Hue smart lights, LIFX smart lights, Denon Heos, Bose SoundTouch and much, much more yet to come. And on top of those smart devices, we support all popular Infrared devices, like your TV, set-top box, receiver and much, much more.

If you want to find out more about SPIN remote, just visit our website, spinremote.com