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Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We believe in SPIN remote. We are convinced that SPIN remote can spread simplicity. That it can make your life just a bit easier. And a bit more fun.

Try out SPIN remote for 30 days

Although we showed you all the features and benefits of the SPIN remote in the shop, in articles or through several instructional videos (and some not-so-instructional videos), we get that sometimes the best way to really get to know a product is to simply try it out yourself.

That’s why we offer you a 30 day trial period for the SPIN remote SDC-1.

Order your SPIN online, try it out for 30 days to find out if it is for you. Learn all there is to know about the SPIN remote SDC-1. Use the gestures and touchpad on your favourite devices. Feel the gentle vibrations with each  tap and turn. Turn on lights, speakers and TV with intuitive motions. Take your time.

If you are not 100% satisfied about SPIN remote, you are free to return SPIN remote within 30 days of your purchase and get a full refund (shipping cost excluded).