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SPIN remote wins EISA Award

SPIN remote wins EISA Award

Weeks before the product is officially launched to market the Seamless Device Controller SDC-1, from the company SPIN remote B.V., has won the EISA Award for EUROPEAN AV ACCESSORY 2016-2017 thanks to its innovative and playful user experience.

On September 2 SPIN remote B.V. will officially launch their first product, SPIN remote SDC-1, during the IFA, world's leading trade show for consumer electronics in Berlin. At the same day they will receive the EISA Award for EUROPEAN AV ACCESSORY 2016-2017. A great start for the Dutch start-up.

EISA (European Imaging and Sound Association) is an independent association of nearly 50 special interest magazines from 22 European countries. Chief Editors from across the continent have come together every year to award the best products in a number of categories. The EISA jury was so impressed by the SPIN remote SDC-1 that it was granted the EISA Award in the Accessories category: "EUROPEAN AV ACCESSORY 2016-2017".

The official EISA jury report: "Home entertainment enthusiasts are used to controlling multiple devices with multiple remotes, often leading to a frustrating experience. SPIN remote SDC-1 flips the control concept on its head with a revolutionary new design that favours simplicity over complexity. This sleek silver dome is packed with sensors so that it can detect motion, rotation, orientation and touch, allowing the user to take control using a series of gestures and movements. Via an intuitive smartphone app, different functions can be assigned to the controller depending on how it is held, making operation of your devices – TV, speaker system, smart lighting – way more fun than it has any right to be."

The Internet of Things (IoT) is driving consumer technology industry growth – with Smart Homes being a future catalyst. An increasing number of smart devices per household however implies a growing number of apps and remote controls to control them. Simultaneously, remote controls have evolved to contain a growing number of buttons or dials associated with increasing functionalities. That growing number of remote controls, apps and their complex functionalities are the source of increasing level of frustration and confusion with consumers.

SPIN remote SDC-1 is the ultimate all-in-1 solution to control your smart devices and non-smart appliances regardless of the technology – whether Infrared, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or whatever comes next. One solution that takes away the complexity of the ever growing number of buttons, remotes and apps this requires.

The SPIN remote SDC-1 allows you to steer the newest smart devices (SONOS, Philips Hue & more) and infrared controlled devices (TV, Audio & more) with simple gestures. It turns every gesture into a command and confirms it through a gentle vibration - transforming a functional ‘one-way remote command’ into a fun and playful experience. SDC-1 is also fully customisable: it consolidates all the relevant functions of the devices that you define, as well as user profiles.

SPIN remote B.V. is an innovation technology company based in the Netherlands, Europe. The first product launched in autumn 2016, is the Seamless Device Controller SDC-1: an innovative all-in-1 device controller that communicates via Infrared, Wi-Fi (via App) and Bluetooth®. All in all, SDC-1 offers an intuitive and playful user experience.